About Us

Ballet Boutique is the international company founded in 2009, by Miss Gaby Martinez, a former ballet dancer and dance teacher for the last 30 years. Gaby decided to start selling ballet shoes in the trunk of her car, in order to reach a better quality of life for her three boys as a single mother.

What once started as a family business is now a corporation with four stores in two countries, three websites, and one of the oldest and most beloved dance studios in South Mexico, where different courses of Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Gymnastics are offered in four studios over the week.

Miss Gaby now acts as a Pointe Shoe Master Fitter of the company using the method she developed, traveling between countries to fulfill her fitting agenda. She is devoted to her research on Pointe Shoe Fittings to decrease the rate of injuries in Ballerina´s feet and keeps files and statistics from more than 3000 ballerinas all over the world.

She is member of the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science (IADMS), the National Dance Education Organization (NDEO), US-Mexico Chamber of Commerce, and supports her sons’ different charities like the Red Cross and Save the Children as well numerous Ballet Companies and independent dancers.

Ballet Boutique Miami is celebrating its fourth anniversary following the Company tradition of supporting dance community wherever they open a new location, offering outstanding customer service, competitive prices and of course the right Pointe Shoe Fitting for every dancer.


You can contact us at (305) 661-2110 in South Miami or in Doral (786) 814-5688

Ballet Boutique Miami


Thank you!


Gaby Martinez, Owner