Nikolay Pointe 3007 Pro Flex

Nikolay Pointe 3007 Pro Flex

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Similar to 3007 PRO with distinct insole, where the flex technology provides a gradual roll-up to "demi-pointe".


2007 is developed with consideration of anatomic features of the medium width foot with a medium arch with medium or long toes. This unique construction satisfies 90% of ballerinas. Therefore, Nikolay has the biggest part of their pointe shoe models based on the 2007 last. 2007 has a tapered dynamic form. It is one of those models, which creates that elegant classy look of ballet stars.

These shoes have a U-shaped medium vamp , a medium platform. Pointes suit all types of feet and are recommended for dancers who like «3007», but want a quieter shoe.


- Flat and stable medium platform, balanced by hand.

- The structure of the last for the 2007 has been engineered based on many years of R&D focused on the functional needs of the ballet dancer.

- The smart paste recalls and assumes the shape of the foot after the first pointework.

- Globally bestselling pointe shoe.

- The style where glory and functionality merge.


Recommended for professional dancers, students of high school, and amateurs.Also recommended for less trained feet

- Shoes have a U-shaped medium vamp, medium platform and are based on the «3007» model.

-PRO-FLEX fits all types of feet, and they are specially recommended for performances where flexibility and quietness are most important.

-The sound deadening materials integrated into the pleats beneath the box make the shoe super silent.

-New, more flexible material used for the inner sole helps to save muscle energy while dancing.

-The shoe is extremely flattering, supportive, flexible and lightweight.